About me

Welcome to my portfolio, where you will find the projects I have been working on, the different experiences I had throughout the years and my career objectives for the future. You can also find my development projects on my GitHub page:

GitHub page

If you are interested in my profile as a potential employer, curious about one of my projects or simply interested to have a talk, please contact me at:

contact@thomas-lamson.com - Or on LinkedIn

In a few words...

I am a robotics and artificial intelligence, entrepreneur from my formation in France, but I like to think of myself as much more than that. I am genuinely passionate by sciences and philosophy, curious of everything, I find my creativity in my broad knowledge of the world.

My skills, as new as I am young, are diversified and allow me to find creative solutions to a great number of problems. When I am not, I always try to bring a new perspective to the people I work with, which often helps them finding new solutions.

Always looking for exhilarating projects, I love challenges and technological innovation!